Terms and Conditions

Hire Restrictions

The hirer must be over the age of 21 years and hold a current licence for more than twelve months; the driver/drivers must present a photo licence to Swan Leisure Industry to be photocopied prior to the caravan made available.

The hirer/driver must not have been convicted of driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or over the limit of alcohol.

The hirer and/or driver must hold a fully comprehensive insurance for the towing vehicle.

The hirer and/or driver must ensure the towing vehicle is registered according to state law.

The hirer and/or driver agree not to tow the caravan whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The hirer and/or driver must obey all state and national road laws. The hirer shall be accountable for any damage and costs associated with the failure to comply with these laws.

The hirer is responsible for the equipment that is hired and is not permitted to sub-let to other parties.

No article whatsoever is to be tied or carried on the roof of the camper trailer/caravan during the hire period. Failure to adhere to the clause will forfeit the total bond.


All rates shown do include GST; Quotes are given for hire in excess of eight weeks.

The hire of the Camper trailer/caravan takes place from Unit 2, 19 Corvette Road, Bullsbrook, 6084 and concludes when the unit is returned to the above mentioned property.

A booking deposit of 30% of the total hire will be due on confirmation of booking and the total hire payment plus $1000.00 bond is due 7 days prior to commencement of hire.

The security bond will be returned within 14 days at the completion of hire providing the camper trailer/caravan and any other extra hire equipment is returned on time, undamaged and gas bottles full. Bond money will be used to cover any repairs or cleaning from the hire , this money will be deducted from the bond. In the event of an accident requiring claim against the owners (Swan Caravan Hire) insurance, the bond will be forfeited in full.


The total hire fee plus the security bond of $1000.00 is to be paid 7 days prior to departure. Payments can be made via direct bank deposits, cash, cheque (upon funds clearing).


Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:

Within 40 days prior to pick up a $65.00 fee will be charged

From 39 to 8 days to hire date the 30% deposit will be forfeited
From 7 days total hire fee will be charged .

PEAK SEASON – If a cancellation takes place during High Season and 4 weeks or less prior to the hire period the total deposit will be forfeited and the outstanding total hire fee will be owed .This can be invoiced to the customer .

Late Returns

Late returns are charged at $220.00 per day unless previously organized. (48 hours before completion of hire)

Hire Period

Our minimum hire period is 4 days except over Easter when the minimum period is one week and over Christmas/New Year period when the minimum period is two weeks.

The hire period starts from 10am Mon -Friday.

Peak Periods

Peak Periods include all School Holidays, Easter and the Christmas period from December 1st to January 31st inclusive.

A $70.00 per week charge will apply in Peak Period times .

Collection and Return Times

Collections and returns can be made 7 days p/week by appointment only.

For appointments call 0408 946 323

Care and Cleaning

All conditions and instructions supplied by the owner (Swan Caravan Hire) or attached to the equipment are to be adhered to. These include, but are not limited to:

No smoking inside the camper trailer/caravan

No pets inside the camper trailer/caravan

No heavy/hard items are to be stored on the floor of the camper trailer/caravan

No flammable substance, chemicals or explosives to be carried

The camper trailer/caravan is not to be tampered with or altered in any way

No substitution of any item of (or included in) the camper trailer/caravan is to be made

The cost of missing, broken or lost items shall be deducted from the security bond.

The camper trailer/caravan is to be returned in the same clean condition as displayed at the time of pick up. If the camper trailer/caravan is not cleaned to a satisfactory condition a cleaning fee of $100 will be charged. If any camper trailer/caravan needs to be deodorised from any odours including smoking this cost will also be deducted from the bond. The owners (Swan Caravan Hire) reserve the right to deduct a cleaning fee from the bond if deemed necessary.

Accidents, Damage and Breakdowns

In the event of an accident/breakdown, the owners (Swan Caravan Hire) must be notified as soon as possible within four hours of the accident.

Accidents involving the camper trailer/caravan must be reported to the police and a full report obtained. This includes theft of the camper trailer/caravan. If there is an accident involving another vehicle the hirer must obtain the following details:

The make, model and registration of the other vehicle involved

The full name, address and drivers licence details of the person involved

Names and addresses of any witnesses present
It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the camper trailer/caravan is secure and safe from further damage whilst repairs are taking place.

Any malicious damage to the camper trailer/caravan caused by the hirer shall be repaired at the hirer’s expense. This includes any fees incurred by the owners (Swan Caravan Hire) whilst recovering monies for either replacement or repair of damage caused by the hirer.

Any damage to the tyres and rims, except fair wear and tear, will be at the cost of the hirer. In the event that any damage occurs to the camper trailer/caravan the hirer’s bond will be retained to cover any cost incurred by the owners (Swan Caravan Hire).

The hirer agrees that the owners (Swan Caravan Hire) shall not be liable or accountable for any costs due to inconvenience, theft of any equipment or as a result of damage during the period of the hire including but not limited to meals, flights, car hire, phone calls or any other costs incurred by the hirer.

The hirer agrees that the owners (Swan Caravan Hire) shall not be held accountable for any damage to persons and/or property in regards to the hirer’s use of the camper trailer/caravan.

Restricted Areas

All camper trailers/caravans are to be driven on sealed, bitumen roads only. The only exceptions to be made are dirt access roads to camping areas or national parks. These roads must be deemed suitable for two wheel drive vehicles.

Damage caused by poor selection of road and its conditions or breach of these conditions in any way is to be met entirely by the hirer. The owners (Swan Caravan Hire) reserve the right to retain the security bond in full at their discretion.

All our Camper Trailers/Caravans are fitted with GPS trackers.

Hire Agreement

The hirer by signing the agreement confirms and agrees that he/she has read the above terms and conditions and understands and agrees fully with these conditions.

The hirer agrees that he/she is fully aware of the correct procedures for using all the equipment supplied and that the equipment supplied is in good working condition upon commencement of the hire period.

The hirer agrees that the equipment will be used solely for its intended use.